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NRI Investment Planning

Do you want to make sure that you have sufficient funds for:
  • Kids' future planning including Higher Education, Marriage, Business etc.
  • Planning to own a Car / Flat / Villa (Bungalow) in near future?
  • Your upkeep upon Retirement.
  • Are you a “GOAL BASED” investor?
  • Are you an investor who thinks that keeping all savings in the bank or fixed deposit is not the best way to earn an optimal return on your investment?
  • Are you an investor who has been burnt by lending money to a private entity promising higher interest rate returns? 
  • Are you an investor who bought stocks/IPO on ‘tips’ or somebody’s ‘advice’ but never followed it up later to see if to keep it or sell it?
  • Are you an investor who wants to create, accumulate and preserve the wealth and monitor it growing efficiently on a long term basis?
  • Are you an investor who is looking to invest in a tax efficient manner?
  • Are you planning to send money on regular basis to your family / parents / relatives out of your planned investments / savings?
  • Do you want to pay certain amount on a regular basis to charity?
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